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Friendly Circles originated to help strangers connect comfortably with others and with themselves, more particularly, with their whole, true selves. Later we found the procedures were effective with any group of people, such as:

Workmates who do not always get along well together. Far-flung cousins, aunts and uncles who too-rarely see one another. Police officers and community members who need to better appreciate one another. Former classmates and friends now out of touch. Neighbors who might enjoy deeper connections or profit from more mutual respect. Strangers who share a common interest or a common concern and who might support one another.

Can you think of places Friendly Circles might be useful? If so, please use that box to share your thoughts. Include contact information if that is appropriate, so we can follow up. You will be helping making us a friendlier world.

“Meetings give me an excuse to slow down for an hour and relax with good-hearted people. That’s why I joined two Circles. I can now relax twice a week.”

Friendly Cicles start with an open mind and a kind heart

Because We are better, wiser, stronger and kinder than we know.

summary discussion of the session

Benefits of Friendly Circles

A general thought or personal outcome from the meeting. Each person shared freely.

How would you describe this meeting to someone else?

I did describe it like an AA meeting without the addiction or religion. or group therapy with very open ended options . As a really wonderful way to not just connect with people, both new and old, but also to practice mindfulness together in a supportive way. A very nice thing for any time, but especially for now. A safe space to debrief and take a moment to process my life and the life of others. 

What is a simple way to tell someone the purpose of our Circles?

It’s to promote a togetherness that both enriches our present life and prepares us for a better future.   Or, it’s to help us realize how powerful, secure, free and good we really are.  Or, it helps us empower ourselves and to empower one another.  Or, it’s for more togetherness in the world and within ourselves. 


How was it for those of you that did not know each other? Was it uncomfortable?

It was comfortable. People were inclusive. It actually felt like a plus. The group was already cohesive, and so there was no judgement or suspicion.  Circles are meant to be inspiring, that is, to elicit all our best potentials.  The procedures are engaging; it’s easy to keep actively involved.  And the climate is supportive; we are able to relax and be comfortably ourselves.    

How did you find the 1hr session time. Was it enough time or too little?

One hour seems like the perfect amount of time. Merrill had a really solid plan and it did not feel too long or too short. It did not feel rushed, it felt we got to do everything that was planned to do and I felt there was time for anyone who wanted to share.  1 hour was also very manageable for me. Any more than an hour and a half could be hard to find time for with busy schedules.                                                                                                            

Friendly Circles

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